About Us

KBW Promotions LLC is a family owned business that was formed to help both established and aspiring boxers, and to put on exciting boxing events.

While training at Old School Boxing, KBW Promotions LLC founder Ken Weckstein noticed that there were many boxers that could not find bouts in which to fight, and did not have promoters. He was inspired to develop a plan to try to help those boxers and the small gyms where they train, and help increase the appeal of the sport. We are trying to accomplish that plan in small ways: Increasing medical insurance coverage for boxers, simplifying contracts, having regular communications with the State Athletic commissions to avoid surprises, and surrounding ourselves with experts who know the industry better than we do.

Ken brings to the company over 40 years experience in law, experience in marketing, and a sports background (including driving harness horses in pari-mutuel races). He is joined by daughter Hilary, an in-house General Counsel for a healthcare technology company; son-in law Nate Morello, a Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard with a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins in Cybersecurity; daughter Alison, who has a personal training certification to go along with her Masters Degree in Special Education; son Scott, who has a business administration degree with a concentration in marketing and works for Discovery Inc; daughter Lisa, a teacher with a Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist; and son-in-law Tim Martin, a financial adviser. The members of the team are no strangers to competitive sports and regularly compete in athletic events--including obstacle course racing and distance running.

As to boxing matters, we are fortunate to be receiving assistance from accomplished matchmaker, Brian Dillon, along with many others.

Our first event is planned for Saturday, April 20, 2019 at Rosecroft Raceway. Rosecroft was an easy choice. It is a fabulous venue, with just 936 seats--all of which are close to the action. It is home to one of the best harness horse tracks on the East Coast. It is owned by The Stronach Group, one of the most prestigious names in horse racing. It regularly hosts the Golden Gloves tournament, and it houses Old School boxing on its grounds. The list goes on.

Our plans for the first fights were modest. We wanted to showcase some local boxers who have not been given a chance to box professionally. However, the event became more ambitious when we obtained a commitment from popular, undefeated boxer, Dusty Hernandez Harrison (30-0-1) to fight on the April 20, 2019 card. While we still will be promoting area boxers, including a rising star making his professional debut, Nate Davis, our first show will have more bouts than we originally envisioned.

We hope that you will come to and enjoy our first show and future shows. Our plans call for an event in the Ocean City, Maryland area, hopefully at the end of the year.

And, besides taking care of the boxers, one of our core principles is to make the show fun for the fans. Please give us your constructive feedback.